New in the AC product range

New in the AC product range : a telescopic pit jack

Perfect for gearbox handling

We have launched a new telescopic air hydraulic pit jack which combines the qualities and the safety of our renowned standard pit jacks and transmission jacks. The new GDT-model is an ideal addition to our existing range of jacks and is designed with a telescopic cylinder and a new lowered design.

The new lowered construction makes the GDT ideal not only for lifting vehicles but also for quick, safe and pin-point gearbox handling.

Now, repair jobs that previously required both a pit jack and a transmission jack can be carried out with the help of one single ergonomic tool. And as is standard for our range of pit jacks, the GDT is adaptable to all types of pits.

The preferred brand in Europe

Faster than ever

Did you know that we have improved our range of pit jacks with faster ram speed? Your customers will find that both lifting and lowering times are significantly improved.

And were you aware that our unique frame designs ensure that our jacks can be adjusted to fit all types of pits thus helping the mechanic to perform repairs and undertake maintenance at an ergonomic working height?

Just two of the many reasons why our pit jacks are the most preferred brand in Europe.

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